Digital design and fabrication technologies have opened up a world of new manufacturing possibilities encouraging original and innovative applications in design.  Intrigued by these capabilities to enhance and assist in the crafting of extraordinary forms, Jenny began working closely with U3D in 2014 to explore the potential of 3D printing technology and how it could benefit the expression and creation of her jewellery designs.  

The process of bringing her ideas to life starts with traditional hand drawn designs which are then rendered in 3D modelling software to create digital prototypes for printing.  Tests are printed in plastic to assess size, scale, proportion and to identify any potential design, assembly or finishing issues.  When the test prints are perfect, production moves the precious metal printing stage.  The forms are printed using a technique called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) where a powerful laser melts layer upon layer of precious metal powder over a matter of hours until the full shape of the jewellery design emerges.  Each precious metal print is cleaned, polished and assembled by hand using a mixture of traditional methods with modern tools to a high finish.

Combining the efficiency and precision of digital fabrication alongside traditional tools and skills, each piece of jewellery is a fusion of classic materials, contemporary design and edge technology.