Jenny Lawlor is an Irish Designer currently working with 3D printing technology to create contemporary jewellery.  A native of Dublin, she attended the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) completing a B.A. in Craft Design (Metals) with History of Art and Design followed by an M.A. in History of Design and the Applied Arts.  After college she spent several years volunteering in independent film and theatre working in production and art department roles while working in project co-ordination and development in the localisation and medical device ideas industries.  By 2014 her desire to return to her original passion of designing jewellery was rising and a change in career was on the horizon.  At the suggestion of her best friend over a few glasses of wine, she moved to County Sligo along the Wild Atlantic Way, a region known for its contemporary arts and theatre scene.

While researching manufacturing options within Ireland she came across U3D, the commercial 3D printing service in University College Dublin (UCD), and in particular their capability to print in sterling silver and gold.  Inspired by this new technology and driven by a love of linear structure, pure geometric shapes and bold forms, she decided to investigate the manufacturing and artistic applications of printing jewellery directly into precious metal.  Working closely with U3D the best of digital and human skills are utilised to develop jewellery that merges classic materials and contemporary design with cutting edge technology.